Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit videos: Hilary Rhoda and Alyssa Miller



Check out this gorgeous Sports Illustrated Hilary Rhoda video who just happens to be sporting Bikini Thief’s Lucy Vincent swimsuit in Sarah Blue! And reminding us all to hit the pilates studio and work on our core, Jeeeeez!! 

And CLICK HERE to see swimsuit vixen Alyssa Miller catching some rays in Bikini Thief’s Lucy Vincent in Tiger Orange, Meeeeow!!

Cintia Dicker Safari!

Cintia Dicker Header


We LOVE Cintia Dicker on safari in this Bikini Thief suit with her wild red hair…perfections!


Fitness Tips for a Healthy 2014 Continues

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This week our Fitness Contributor, Brooke Marrone, asked the amazing Bethany Lyons to share her top tips on fitness and wellness with all my beloved Bikini Thiefers, and ladies let me tell you…..Bethany knows fitness!

Bethany Lyons is a powerful leader, creator, community builder and co-founder of the only Baptiste-style yoga studio in Manhattan: Lyons Den Power Yoga. Bethany is a classically trained ballet dancer, Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and Master Instructor at SoulCycle. She has appeared as a yoga and fitness expert on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, TLC and CNN, and has been featured in Forbes, New York Magazine, US Weekly, SELF, Shape, Fitness Magazine, Pilates Style and Dance Spirit, among many other publications. In co-founding Lyons Den Power Yoga, Bethany seeks to showcase the endless possibilities all around us and to show up in a big way for her students and in her life.
Go to Move:

CHATARUNGA (LOW PLANK) – a classic and fool-proof way to get your triceps (hello sleeveless everything!) – not to mention your core in great shape to hit the beach!

Come to a classic, high plank (high push-up) position. Firm your legs by hugging the quadriceps up towards the femur/thigh bones. Inner thighs spiral toward the ceiling. Pit of the navel is sucked in and the space between the shoulder blades soft. Shoulders should be stacked over wrists to start and arms firm and rotating so the under-belly of the elbow faces away from you.

Push forward on the balls of the feet to shift the shoulders past the wrist creases and lower half-way down. Hover here without sitting or sinking in the shoulders or the low back. Take 2 breaths – press back up to high plank – and repeat 5 times. Then drop to the knees for a breather in child’s pose. Repeat the entire set 1-2 times. Work toward holding the chatarunga for up to 3 breaths and repeating the sequence 10 times! Killer upper arms, back and core muscles will follow suit to hit the beach READY! And no equipment needed – just you and your breath.

If you are sinking the center or unable to hold the pose – empower yourself to take a modification. Do all the above with knees on the floor and hands slightly behind the shoulder, about shoulder-width distance apart.

Secret, tip for staying healthy:

DO what you LOVE. If you love playing basketball – play. If you love dancing, well then bust a move! There are so many ways to find health and fitness through movement that does not involve running on a treadmill, (unless of course, you LOVE running on a treadmill!) If you do what you love the chances are you keep coming back and stick to it. Find something you love to experience a clear head, a full heart, relief from stress and a healthy body.

For more on Bethany or to take one of her classes, visit her website and follow her on social media too!

Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest: @lyonsdenPY

xoxo Whitney and Brooke