Bucket List

Shark diving

Dream BIG and travel far! Here is my vacation bucket list. What’s on yours?

  1. Dive with Great White sharks (from a cage of course)
  2. Explore The Galapagos
  3. Visit the Amalfi Coast
  4. Surf Bali, Indonesia
  5. Swim with a pod of wild dolphins (again….cause i actually just did this)
  6. Safari in Africa

Hot 8 Yoga

Yoga beach

It’s never too late or too early to get fit for bikini season:

It’s January 20th, and though most of the country has been in a Polar Vortex, the weather here in Venice Beach, CA ain’t half bad.  After experiencing all 4 seasons here, I finally feel acclimated to the laid back, SoCal lifestyle, which is vastly different than NYC livin. One thing I love is the variety of fitness options in L.A.  I have always been a fitness junkie, and I stress FITNESS, not a desire to be stick thin. I have muscles and I love them. Indoor, outdoor, gym, yoga, Pilates, ocean, pool, sky, bike, swing, sling, you name it there is a fitness regime built around it and beautiful weather to support it. Find what environment works for you and get moving!!


Hot Yoga

My new love is Hot8yoga in Santa Monica. I have always been a fan of Bikram yoga, but the same 26 postures repeated twice every single time with no variation got monotonous for me.  Enter Hot 8 Yoga. 8 different yoga classes all taught in heated rooms. AMAZING! I’m addicted. Besides the fact that the studios are pristine, and the teachers top notch and eternally positive, I recommend it to anyone looking to shed pounds, work on flexibility, and discover muscles you never knew you had in a calming and very loving yoga like environment.   

Check out their website and read about their mission HERE!

XO Whitney