Celebrity Trainer Erin Jacques Takes Us into Summer

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It’s no surprise that Power Yoga instructor Erin Jacques was voted Rate Your Burns #1 most poular instructor as well as the top ten most talented, hands on instructors in NYC. Erin’s classes are always jam packed, intense, fast paced and unique in that she never, ever teaches the same class twice! Guarenteed to convert any Yogi skeptic out there, Erin is as inspiring as her killer playlists. No heat needed! You will leave her classes dripping in sweat, working muscles you didn’t even know you had!

About Erin:

Fitness has fueled this modern yogi’s career for over seventeen years.  After receiving her degree in Exercise Physiology, Erin was hired by HBO/Time Warner, spearheading their corporate fitness program.  Erin has served as National Yoga Director of Exhale Spa, leading Core Fusion® teacher training for several years. In May 2012 she co-founded SLT Yoga, Manhattan’s first music-focused yoga studio.  Erin has worked privately with Jennifer Aniston, Perez Hilton, and Jessica Hecht as well as having Caroline Kennedy, Kelly Rutherford, Mario Lopez, Alessandra Ambrosio and Lauren Silverman attend her classes.  Erin has been featured in publications including  The New York Times, Fitness Magazine, Town and Country, Vogue, Huffington Post and  Well + Good NYC.  She is known for her expertise in creating a dynamic and athletic twist to the spiritual experience of yoga. Erin’s teaching style allows students to be out of their heads and in their bodies, balancing effort with ease, strength with flexibility, and grace with humility.

I’m a big fan of combo exercises that utilize all the muscles in the body, it gets the heart rate up and challenges balance/coordination.

a) Start in a plank position (hands under shoulders, feet hips distance apart, abs in and shoulders drawing down the back).
b) Lifting the right foot off the floor and as you exhale, bring the knee into the right tricep bending your elbows as low as you can. Inhale, kicking the right leg back and up into a downdog splits, keeping the leg as straight as you can.
c) Walk your hands back to your left leg into a standing splits, soften left knee and slowly pull the right knee into your chest without putting your foot on the floor. Inhale, slowly lifting hands off the floor coming up to balance on your left leg and reaching your arms over head.
d) Lastly, exhale with control to a standing split, placing your hands on the floor and bringing your right leg up. Walk back out to a 3 legged plank (right leg lifted) and finish the set as you began in a plank pose with both feet on the mat.
*8-10 reps, repeat everything on left side.

Tips for staying healthy:

Beside my dally dose of movement, mediation and eating well….getting enough sleep and drinking tons of water (I always have hot water w/ lemons in the am) are my anchors to staying healthy and feeling good.

Upcoming Classes and events:

Classes:June 14th,28,31st at Exceed Fitness www.exceedphysicalculture.com

August, date TBD: Hudson River Park’s Summer of Fitness with Lole’ and FITist.

Follow Erin on Twitter!
TWITTER – @erinjacquesyoga

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