Cover model Kate Upton!

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Cover Model Kate Upton is the definition of All American Summer in our Classic Bikini Thief suit!

Cintia Dicker Safari!

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We LOVE Cintia Dicker on safari in this Bikini Thief suit with her wild red hair…perfections!


social media

melissa laughing

Question….How do you learn about what’s new in music, fashion, restaurants, or hotspots? If you really think about it I bet most people would say a majority comes from your friends, maybe directly, but mostly on social media sites like Facebook, Spotify, Pinterest, or The Fancy.  With the inception of social media the old way of gathering information via television, magazines, news, commercials, was ushered out and friends and peers having a round table like discussion on a social platform is in.

I use these sights not only for information but for fashion and design inspiration, ideas, feedback, or just as an escape, almost everyday. I am a very visual girly girl and I love all the rich color and texture of the images i see on sites like Pinterest and The fancy. As I pick and chose what images to “Pin” or “fancy” I get to let out my inner fashionista, interior designer, culinary chef, or nomad. No boundaries, or financial budgets holding me back, just my fantasy world to create at my leisure. And who doesn’t feel cool when you find a gem and put it up and after an hour 50 people have “re-pinned” or “Fancy’d” your post.

So I know I’m a swimwear designer and you may expect me to know all the latest fashion trends and see them reflected in my line,  but the truth is I’d rather be inspired by my friends.  We are in an age where we can all share a little about who we are and decide what’s cool, beautiful or worthy of helping define us as individuals. THAT’S inspirational.  Who knows, I just might design a swimsuit off of an image I see on one of your Pinterest boards! Have a FABULOUS day everyone!

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